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Goasia - Defected Reactor Ep


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Artist: Goasia

Title: Defected Reactor Ep

Label: Spacedock Records

Date: March, 2015


1. Defected Reactor

2. We Live There





I recently went a little bandcamp crazy and bought a bunch of digital eps without even listening to the samples.  This was one of them.  We are all familiar with this duo and I believe they are in the category of love 'em or don't love 'em that much.  This ep should be a cautionary tale of always listening before you buy.  This music damn near put me to sleep.  No drama, no gravity, hell no goa.  The second half of We Live There was pretty good, but not enough to save the experience.  These tracks smack of some noodling made awhile ago and then just thrown out there.  I will actually go on record saying this is the worst thing I have ever heard from Goasia.  I'm not even sure it's them or some computer generated midi program.


Spacedock Records Bandcamp

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Hey brother T2MU,

No matter of kinda review it is, we appreciate your time to spend checking music and then reviewing it.

I feel sorry for this EP didn't fulfill your expectations. Goasia actually have those kind of experiments in their production for a while already.

Kinda drifting through the styles moment. One of the tracks like that is Tetradotoxin on latest album.

Fun fact is that this EP achieved high appreciations from crowd at club events and night time OA performances of Goasia. But it is interesting to hear home environment impressium from ppl who listen to it.

Thank you for yours, and as I said, no matter of what type of feeling review carry on, we appreciate effort above all. Everything else is a matter of personal taste.

With respect <3

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