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Solid Snake - Return to the Source (2016, Tribal Vision)

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Solid Snake - Return to the Source (2016, Tribal Vision)


Abyss Pt. 1

Moments of...

Violet Experience


Badgers Song O

Vivid Red Ribbon

Abyss Pt. 2

A New Beginning


Omar Chelly & Anders Rosengren are Solid Snake. Back in 2009 they've started their path with Tribal Vision Rec. The label seems to be home for the project.

When it was started their music was labeled as progressive trance/house and it was rather fashionable for psytrance scene that time. But time has passed and today project is working in different various directions of trance, techno and house.


Tribal Vision has only 3 releases on 2016. And only Solid Snake's one is labeled fully as psy-trance.

It is realy a good example of psychedelic progressive trance where the psy element achived not by twisted weird sounds and synths but by special sound atmosphere, hypnoyic beats and and tracks evolution.


This album is very well done. It is taking you on a deep trip on a slow 130-135 bpm. It is very catching and hypnotic. Has very nice melodic moves and smooth arpegios here and there. Its great for hometripping and has very good progressive flow with pair of surprises inside. And one of them is that fact that you face "A new beginning" right in the end of story )


My favs are: Abyss (both parts), Violet expirience and Vivid red ribbon. But you really should consider whole release as one full story that takes you back in time to middle 2000th where Son Kite's "Colours" was on a rise.



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