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Artist: Masa

Title: Son Ov A Seed

Label: Hypnodisk

Date: November, 2015




You may have noticed that I didn't provide the track list.  Well, I had to listen to this nonsense so I felt that actually typing the titles would send me into a post-Vietnam PTSD rage that some of you might not survive.  There are 19 tracks and I'm sure that I said "What in the unholy f*ck?" at least that many.  Masa is Masayuki Kurihara from Japan and he's been around a looong while.  You might recall his album Inside from 1996.  I don't, but you might.  He's had some tracks that I liked on some compilations, but this...


First off it's broken up into two discs and contains stuff done as Masa and his alias X-Tron.  A few of the tracks are previously released, but put out again as live versions.  It's got that gritty, raw feeling to it that sometimes veers into pretty noisy territory.  This feels like a collection of tracks scooped up from the cutting room floor that weren't able to make any album cuts.  And there's no mystery here.  Straight ahead all the way.   


It's not all turds and kidney stones though as tracks like Nu Experience and Master & Margarita (Live At Rainbow 2000 '96) bounces nicely with some twisting layers.  But over 20 bucks for maybe two tracks I'd really enjoy?





Hypnodisk Bandcamp

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Well to be honest this seems to me to be a pretty harsh review of this collection. I might want to add a tracklist here and give my point of view:

1-1 –X-Tron Tantri Tabla 7:01
1-2 –X-Tron Wild Tripper 7:09
1-3 –X-Tron God 9:18
1-4 –X-Tron Daichi No Koe 7:35
1-5 –X-Tron Shiva 6:52
1-6 –X-Tron Legend Ov Kamasutra 8:38
1-7 –Masa You Have Been Here Before (Live At Yellow '93) 11:22
1-8 –Masa Give You Fantasy (Live At Voov Experience '94) 11:02
1-9 –X-Tron Ultra (Live At Voov Experience '93) 10:44



2-1 –X-Tron Escape 10:06
2-2 –Masa Flash Memory V2 (Live at Tunnel '94) 5:34
2-3 –X-Tron 92012t2 5:57
2-4 –Masa & K.U.R.O. Long Snows Moon (Live At Equinox Geoid '94) 8:53
2-5 –Masa Nu Experience 8:09
2-6 –Masa Master & Margarita (Live At Rainbow 2000 '96) 9:19
2-7 –Masa Child Bearing Machine (Live At Liquid Room '95) 9:53
2-8 –Masa Dawn Of Man 7:22
2-9 –Masa Grand Cross 7:00
2-10 –Masa Son Ov A Seed 6:55


OK so, some tracks are indeed forgettable but it is a nice collection of rare and unreleased tracks by Masa. The top killer track of the whole set is Masa & Kuro, which was not mentioned in the review above and that is a track i wanted to release on DAT Records fro some time now, but it came out here and all is fine. It's a kind of unique collaboration by the 2 masters of the Japanese Goa Trance scene with all the elements to be a classic. Unknown to me how it was never released before. The other Live mixes are raw and nice and they deserve your attention. 


The only tracks that are a bit out of place maybe are the previously released tracks only available on Japanese compilations, however, thinking not everyone has bought every cd ever made of the genre, it is a nice option for who wants to have a lot of material from Masa all in one place without having to track down a number of obscure discs.


I would say it is a nice release, and deserves to be owned, maybe a 7 on a scale of 10 because not all the tracks are superb but if you also like a bit of raw technoish, proto goa sound, go for it!

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