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Chi-A.D. - MS EP


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1 Realignment     6:11
2 Apparition (Ghost Mix)     7:09
3 Essence Of Aether     7:43
4 Spectral Light     8:13


So, psynews missed this one? It was available on Chi-ads website in 2006 as a digital EP. The fact nobody has discussed it must either mean nobody noticed, or that it wasn't good.

It was good.

It is good.

What you get is 4 chi-ad tracks that fit somewhere between the production style of Eyes Of Gaia, but melodies and atmosphere of Anno Domini. There is a very fat, deep rumbling groovy bassline from the very first track that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Expect really dense, jungle like atmospheres. Can't find any huge in your face melodies here, rather more subtle melodies that carry throughout the tracks. And although the first track is pretty melody barren, it has a kind of fast house type of style with goa sounds.

What I enjoyed about this EP was that it was so smooth. The groove and flow are impeccable and the dark nightish atmosphere just picks you up right from the get go.


Apparition (Ghost Mix)



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When you release albums like Anno Domini, Infinitism, and Earth Crossing the bar is super high. This brief 4 track EP sounds like none of those and that's ok. Gone are the anthemic goa sounds and in its place is a more stripped down psytrance framework. Darker I suppose, but nothing memorable at all.

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