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This is a serious post


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Ok for real.. this is about music. The common bond that has us ALL posting on these forums. I can't think of a better place to post this than here.


No matter the style we have have gems. Call me captain Morrigan because I'm on a hunt for booty. The booty contains treasures of music that motivate and regulate.


Music music music


Any style, any kind. I need it. Preferably very motivational. Whether it's the lyrics, the tempo, the construction.. it does not matter. What matter is quality music that gets you moving. I say you, because this is something we can all get into.


Maybe someone posted a great song and you want to get in better shape yourself.. well get on it.


Please leave all hate for the hater thread. I feel this thread should be a fitness connecting lounge where we delve deeper into our personal health as well as make a buddy doing it.


Maybe you are in great shape from dancing but have those hidden gyms that get you going.. post them.


Also if anyone wants some diet or exercise tips I have no problem giving a comprehensive answer that keeps safety in mind, but will certainly address questions and concerns.



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Well I'm a two time state champ, Jr Olympian, title belt holder with multiple certification in personal training.


That's what separates mine, but so be it


You mean "chimp" surely?


Sorry, couldn't resist :P:D


I actually preferred you in your previous incarnation as LuBu - I loved your genuine enthusiasm for goa, martial arts and your family. Now you're just behaving like a troll... Sure, it's fun initially but it's tiresome after a while... But then I'm probably seen by many as too serious, analytical and no-fun, so maybe you're just an acquired taste ;)

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