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Negans - Danse Macabre EP

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Trance2MoveU    369



Artist: Negans

Title: Danse Macabre EP

Label: Neogoa

Date: October, 2016


1. Midori

2. Into Asylum

3. Life On Earth

4. Danse Macabre





"Holy sh*t it's walking upright!  Get the camera!  Get the f*cking camera!"


It's tough to stand out in a crowd.  Mostly.  We all crave acceptance even when we have something different to offer.  Goa trance has reached the saturation point (some would argue that this happened years ago) where the music has become homogenized.  Perhaps there's no place left to go?  Well, certainly the minds at Neogoa don't believe that as evidenced from their past releases.  This is also along those lines.


Negans is Elie Seigneur and with his debut EP he has created something...hmmm.  I dunno.  Part goa of course, psytrance, and it certainly has a dark vibe.  But I can't put it in a box and that terrifies the OCD gremlin inside me.  She is so evil.  You should see her go batsh*t crazy at a public bathroom when mouth breathing knuckle draggers don't wash their hands.  So. Much. F-word.  Back on topic, the ultimate test of music of course is whether  it moves you and if it did and you liked the way you moved, do you want to hear it again. 


And I just don't know where I am with this. 


The sound is great (Igor Ceranic) as well as the artwork, but none of the tracks blew me away like the final two from The World Beyond did.  That might be false equivalence as those last two tracks were some of the best goa trance I've ever heard.  There are aspects in all four of the tracks that were quite appealing, but the sum hasn't put me over the top yet.  I do know that each time I give it a listen I end up liking it more and more.  So more spins it is!  A nice, even number.


My gremlin demands it.  Must...keep it...under....control!!!







Holy sh*t I hope no one has a seizure from this!


Neogoa Bandcamp




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MrAnarchy    221

This ep is about atmosphere and story-telling. Tracks progress as in you hear a lot of diffirent stuff within one track, which I like. Especially considering how rare that is nowadays. As Trance2MoveU said, its not 10/10 legendary stuff BUT I enjoyed the hell out of it! He takes his time to build up a story!


Do yourself a favour and download this EP. You wont regret it! 


Fave tracks: 1 and 4

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Richpa    896

Thanks for your reviews guys.

I have to say that I was very excited when I recieved his demo. For me personally it's something unusual, at least when it comes to nowdays Goa music and that was one of the main reasons why we decided to release it. Probably it won't find it's place among people who are more into melodic Goa trance, but for the folks who don't hesitate to get deeper into darker Goa, with legit oldschool influence, this might do the work. If I have to make some comparation with other releases on Neogoa, perhaps it fits with some music released by Dragon Twins, Arronax or Protorai. Without any doubt, we will have more Negans in the future.

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MrAnarchy    221

 Without any doubt, we will have more Negans in the future.


Great news! Looking forward to it!

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