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"V/A - Digital Extacy - A Mindtravelling Trance Experience"

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Artist: Various

Title: Digital Extacy A Mindtravelling Trance Experience

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1998


1. Radar - Interference

2. Latex Empire - The Trip

3. LV-426 - The Frame

4. Donut Junkie - Tr-Drill-09

5. Bloque - Tweak

6. Johhny Mnemonic - Viruz

7. Aerial Servant - Son of Mastermind

8. Brannon Beer - Skyride

9. Cellblock X - Climax 10

10. LV-426 - Press Machine Press

11. Pissle-Whistle-Party - Bonusbajer (Bonus Track)


"This is the new reality."


Then I want to go back to the old reality.


I've been dipping my toe into the acid pool as of late and have come to realize several things.  The similarities between acid and goa are numerous.  Both genres love the little silver box (303) and feature it prominently in their work.  And like goa acid has a lot of weak stuff interspersed with the really good tracks.  Now the bar I measure a great acid track with is very high.  Ain't nobody got time for less.  And that bar is Acid Air Raid by Solar Quest




I know, really high.  It's just that that track had it all.  Power.  Insanity.  Groove.  Atmosphere.  Will this album approach that greatness?


Not even f*cking close.  It shows me that just because you put a bubbling 303 in there does not an excellent track make.  The tracks here are shorter so they don't have the time to grow and expand.  And the ideas that are here are very linear.  If you listen to the first one or two minutes then you know what you're gonna get.  Honorable mentions?  Well, I suppose the first track was ok.  And Climax 10 was super growly.  Rotten tomatoes go to the f*cktards who just tried to hold a whistle for 30 seconds for the last track.  Just leave it blank and maintain some dignity.


Bottom line, the search for the perfect acid trance album continues over this speed bump.

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