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Solar Quest - AcidOphilez

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Artist: Solar Quest

Title: AcidOphilez

Label: Entropica

Date: 1998




1. Arambol

2. Acid Baba

3. Acid Crumble

4. A Jig Or Wot Next

5. Acid Air Raid

6. Acid Nation

7. State Ov Now

8. Kristy Cried

9. N2DerMatsheen

10. EnTranz




1. BioPolitik

2. Red Shift

3. One Nation

4. KarmAcidyl

5. PosPhase

6. ChakrAcid

7. MegaWurdz

8. Globoscope

9. AcidOphile






George Saunders. 


Sounds like a regular Joe Schmoe that works in the cubicle right next to you.  The type of name that belongs to a guy you wouldn't recognize if you tripped over him.  But this guy is an electronic musician and his "brushes" so to speak are those shiny boxes like the TB-303,TR-909,606...and he is a virtuoso.  This was his third album and I'll be honest I'd never heard of his work.  His sound is a melding of acid trance, goa, and techno and he will get you moving.   A hallmark of his sound is that growling and oftentimes screaming 303.  The blisters he must have twisting that cutoff knob!  The album is 2 Cds, mixed (I wish it wasn't so, but it still works) and the first one is an acid trance explosion.  If you love those shiny boxes then I don't imagine you'd be disappointed in anything here.  Maybe A Jig Or Wot Next as the melody is folksy in a corny way even though his 303 is screaming side saddle.  


But there is only one reason I'm writing this review.  And that is Acid Air Raid.  Over 11 minutes of mind expanding, face melting 303 annihilation.  If you don't like that track I'll go ahead and tell you that I don't want to know you.  You're probably a hipster douchebag with a soulpatch that only watches obscure french films and rides a novelty antique bicycle.  Oh and you wear a bowtie.  That track is the alpha and omega as far as acid/goa trance goes.  It breathes, pulsates, and decimates.  He should've ended the album with that track because everything afterwards pales in comparison.   And it does.  The rest of the music on the first disc (and the more experimental 2nd) is utterly forgettable.   It's as if he created this opus and then said, "Ah f*ck it here's the rest.  Just throw it in there."


Aside from Acid Baba, Acid Crumble and of course Acid Air Raid, this album is actually a disappointment.  But damn...we'll always have Acid Air Raid.


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