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Pleiadians Live 2016 - Track ID?


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Mauri is here with me and he just listened for the first time Cosmo Drome of Ubar Tmar and he is shocked as he never heard the track in his life.

The track is a creation of his that has a moment in the track which sounds similar to Ubar Tmar.

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The first melody reminded me of Union Jack - Cockroach, around the 3 minute mark.





Ubar Tmar - Cosmo Drome



by the way nothing special about this track

these guys made these masters tunes back at 90s?

and now they make this looney tunes sounds?

we talk about the same guys?



Sounds indeed more like a mediocre (sampled) remix* of both tracks.

Or do goa artists also buy samples and melodies from agencies? :P

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