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Total Eclipse - Access Denied Hidden Track


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I have a question about the hidden track. I noticed it first, after reading it in Discogs, that I have to rewinding the CD.
Okay I grabbed my old Discman, put the cd and rewind from track 1.

That hidden track sounds nice, but unfortunately there are some small skippes to hear.

My CD is in Near Mind condition and the CD player was rarely used.

The question is: Have someone also that problem, that the secret track is skipping?

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Thank you ahead.

Btw, this idea with the hidden / scecret track is a very stupid one. Because only some of the old CD players can play it, like my old Panasonic Discman (I know that Discman is copyrighted by Sony).

I tired to play that track 0 with my DVD player, but this player is not able to rewind this cd. Same problem have my brother with his Blue-Ray player.
My mom have an new kitchen CD radio and this device have also problems, to play that secret track.
By trying to play it via PC with an DVD / Blu-Ray ROM, is it not possible too.
That Signs Of Life compilation have also an hidden track from KoxBox.


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Well I only know the old Technics and Panasonic CD players was able to play that Track 0.
Dunno how it other players from others brands handled it.

My DVD player is from Panasonic, but how I mention it, not able to rewind from track 1.
Anyway Panasonic is not more the same quality like in the past, since they closed Technics. Only crappy cheap consumer products they produce now.
The same stupid thing was also with some records where you have to use an Technics MK II, to listen an track or mix in the right speed.

Like this 12" vinyl is has: https://www.discogs.com/In-D-Virgin-In-D-Skys/release/55170

Not everyone have an DJ turntable at home.

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I hate stupidly placed hidden tracks with more gap than the allowable margin to get your nerves on, for example like first Hallucinogen album; or the 2008 Delta album.
As for those Blue Room CDs, no matter how 'cool' it is, they are stupid; unless we take it with a pinch of salt and understand title means a purpose, 'Access Denied' :)
I might have played it on an old 'discman', otherwise no way you can play it on PC and most CD systems even from the 90's.

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Well that hidden track at the end of a CD are not really the worse thing, but I also never understand this sense. Why to hide an track?
You think after ?:?? minutes, by listening the last song, it's now over, but after ?:?? minutes of silence there appears another song.
I converted all the CDs into WAV, split and cut the songs and silnce and put it on a CD-R. So for example the Hallucinogen album Twisted have 9 tracks, instead 8 and I don't need to wait 6 minutes or to wind forwards, to listen that hidden track.
My first CD with that kind of hidden track was from Sunkings - Soul Sleeping.

The stupid thing is, that those hidden tracks have no title, cause they are not mention somewhere. Okay if they are somewhere mention, than they are not hidden, but still nonsense for me.


But still need to know if this small skips are normal, in that secret track from Total Eclipse.

If not, than either my CD player have a problem to play it or my copy of the CD is not well manufatured.

There are no scratches, but maybe some section are bad.



Btw, did someone saw something like this?
I wanted to convert Spectral - Diffuse into FLAC and by taking out the CD, I noticed this engraved art.
I have no idea how this happened. But I know this CD is now for the trash.


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I'm sure neither disc nor your CD player are flawed - it's a matter of some, only some, likely old CD players will read it, and most will not. As to which ones will succeed playing it's very random.


The Spectral CD has a manufacturing defect; confirmed also on discogs. Luckily my only 1 and unique copy I have is fine; played it lot of times without problems.

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Well than I have to get my money back from MELT 2000, for that crappy Spectral copy. LOL :lol:

Hmmm... that means I have to accept to have that secret track from that Access Denide album, with that bad quality.
Maybe have to ask someone from the Total Eclipse member, if they have it still as wave file.
Cause it's annoying to listen music, where you hear small clips and skips.

I still hope that someone can confirm me it.

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I've had no troubles ripping the few tracks before track 1 I have on a few CDs (including the track in the topic).


and how you did it?


Wouldn't be cool to be able to engrave some kind of art on a cd and still work fine?


well I think would be possible, but only on the label side and the CD have to be thicker, like 2 CDs together.

But would be not good for the CD player, about the weight from that thick CD.

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Exact Audio Copy, although using its "copy range" feature as the normal tracklist won't list the hidden track.


thank you very much. Now problem solved.



Btw, I did something that my Spectral CD is working. Here in discogs I descriped it.



Now CD looks like in the picture showed and I can play it without any problems.


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