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Cactus Arising - The Remixes EP (Timewarp049)

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1. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer (Cactus Arising rmx)
2. Fiery Dawn - Mahakala (Cactus Arising rmx)
3. InnerZone - Universal Enlightenment (Cactus Arising rmx)
4. Spectrum - Medi Terrano (Cactus Arising rmx)





After some time of producing, Cactus Arising is presenting his second EP with four remixes of GOA Trance producers which are all friends & family.

Most of the tracks are written with analog equipment.


First of all Radical Distortion – The Dreamer all the synth lines and all the track is written by analog synths, accompinied with some VA synths. My main goal was to reproduce the original atmosphere of the track. I want to thank both Nick & John for this opportunity to remix one of their tracks, and for my taste one of their best. Thank also Nick Polytarides for all the help provided in the modular synthesizers.


Next is coming the remix to Fiery Dawn – Mahakala which is the last from the mix of the analogue equipment and the usage of VST together. This remix was the first that i have tried some new analogue synths and you can hear it as acid lines in the mix.


Innerzone & Soectrum remixes was the starting of the new music area which is mainly by analogue synths, and some samples for the drums.

Spectrum remix is one of my favourite track to close my live set. It is full of energy and the melodies written by John are brilliant.


I want to thanks a lot all of the above artists for trusting me doing remix of their tracks. Also i want to thanks Timewarp and Nova Fractal for the opportunity to release those tracks.


And finally in the thans area is my friend George Deligiannis 'Cydelix' for the breliant mastering of the ep.

Also i want to thanks Chrysa & my friends for being patient in all those years of listening my tracks and make improvements.

Next stop will be a second album with a lot of different sound than the first one. More GOA old school oriented.


I hope you like the remixes, & see you at the dancefloor friends.









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