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Artha - Dream Telepathy (Cronomi Records)

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HappyHorse    188

[...] but one thing I find curious is that in the Cronomi Promo mix there were still a lot more unreleased awesome Artha tracks that aren't here for some reason..


That will become clear in the (near) future ;)

BUT I'm happy you noticed :)



PS Thanks to all members posting the (mainly) positive and negative feedback here: makes us motivated for the next one to come...

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recursion loop    462

Finally had the chance to listen. 


That's excellent if you ask me. The triplets, cheesy indian singing samples, minimal psy-tech beats, oriental melodies - this all perfectly works together and creates a very captivating atmosphere.  Maybe not exactly what goa purists would expect from a goa album but very good in itself.


If I had to criticize something it would be the production - some of the tracks sound somehow blurred and subdued, the sound lacks energy and impact. 

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Aspartic    87

I'll only remember this one for Monkeys. A great and masterful track that evolves into a hypnotic monster.
Such a pity it's surrounded by empty tracks that lead to nothing and do not induce a state of hypnosis or even resemble raw power.

I'm with T2MU who feels Artha is able to do great stuff, but not an album full of it. Yet.

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