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My love for old goa trance compilations


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Some of the compilations I really like:



-Various - Goa Head 4

→ Why? It is pure madness; like walking into a disturbed and psychedelic circus show.


-Various ‎– Goa-Head Volume 8

→ This compilation is a perfect mix of classical goa trance sounds and the more (older) psy trance sound.


-Various ‎– Distance To Goa 4

→ Why? This is pure funky and deep goa trance with swirling drive!


-Various ‎– Distance To Goa 7

→ Why? Most complete psytrance compilation ever made!!! I wish I can make one of the same level (would be a dream come true). Production and mastereing on the CD is fucking amazing and beyond everything else.

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In the end it depends where you draw the line on what you call Goa. No music genre was invented overnight. But at some point comes a release that should qualify for that title. I think the general consensus is for this release

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Provably one of my favorites is Trance Experience 2 - The Second Coming. Please let me write here the tracklist. That's exactly why I love Goa Trance:


Sheyba - Trance Africa Express

Millenium - Skywalk

Elysium - Trancelestial Psychobabas

Psychonauts & Cosmosis - Cosmonaut

Orion - Liquid

State Of Trance - Alien Prophecy

Dimension 5 - Purple Om

Growling Mad Scientists - Commental

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Many are here already mentioned which I like too.
Here are some more which I like.


Global Psychedelic Trance Vol.1 till Vol.4
Transient 1 till 5
Fill Your Head With Phantasm Vol.1 till Vol. 6

Digital Alchemy
Tribal Science

Gaia Tour

The Tribe Ibiza In Trance

Blue Room Release Vol.1 : Outside The Reactor
Tranced Out And Dreaming
Eternal Frequency

Pure MDMA : Selected Vibes Part 1

Spiritual Moves
Full On

Full On Vol. 2

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