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Cybernetika.de Relaunch - huge download archive

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Hello Psynewsers,


I am extremely happy and proud to announce that Cybernetika.de 1.0 is ready!

Ive worked a lot over the past few days on creating my own page. That whole process was setting up a WordPress blog and heavily customizing nearly everything something that turned out to be far more complex than I initially thought.

This site is supposed to be half blog, half music archive, driven by a detailed taxonomy and a search.

In short, I want you people to find anything Ive ever done, old or new, and find it fast.

At this point, there are more than 300 tracks so far for you to stream and download, organized by genre and by year of release. I'll keep posting stuff regularly so make sure to check back for updates every now and then :)


here is the link:



Enjoy the site and the music!



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Filipe remembers Cybernetika and you've been around since his time making music.

He says he's very happy to see you here.


Nice website! Very nice futuristic design!

Keep it up and keep up the awesome work! :)

OMG ! So awesomne !


I love you Cybernetika ! Greetings and respect from the other side of the Rhine River !

You're one of the best, of the very best !

Thanks very much for the support guys! :)

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Thanks for sharing!

My hard disk have crashed and I've lost all the tracks.

Especially was missing the 3: "The promised land", "Architect of the Universe" and "The origin". Glad they back! :)

Also from the new (2015-2011) tracks can highlight those mainly marked with Goa. Also very good to have some of them for quite so long! And they have a very "modern" feeling into them.

The overall thing is quite inspiring and supporting for following the own way.

But.. you seem to have lacking the flash animation to the site..


PS. For long enough of time I haven't checked your site. Now before visiting, I thought to myself that it either should be dead or... (some big changes) It was exactly the second thing :)

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