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Favorite build-up tracks?

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I love it when I hear a track that slowly builds up in tempo and complexity and then reaches crescendo. Ill name just 3 of my favorite:

- Chi A.D. - Celestial
- Planet BEN - Ant Invasion
- The Gate from "The World Beyond"


What are yours?

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Hi MrAnarchy, a few years ago I uploaded a full comp on Youtube with such tracks (at least I tried to put only goa tracks with great build ups).








Actually I realize I am probably confusing 'build up' and 'climax', anyway worth a listen!

1/Transwave : Flamycogire

2/MFG : New kind of world

3/Chi-A.D. : Liquid neon sky

4/Planet BEN : Ant invasion

5/Cosmosis : Howling at the moon

6/Green nuns of the revolution : Ring of fire

7/Total eclipse : The furnace



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There is none better than: N.D.M.A. - The Answer (Gift)

...@6:40 the real magic happens, but it is only worth while listening to all of it :)



I have no idea how they managed to pull this track off! Its not loud at all, nor does it blast you with acid or melodies, its subtle and it has an amazing build up and what happens after the time mark u mentioned... I cant even describe it! A unique track to say the least, just like Vitan which I LOVE :wub:

I tried replaying at 6:40 but it just doesnt feel whole without rest of the track, just like you said. I am made speechless so much that it makes me wanna delete everything I said and just go with: BRUUUHH THIS SO GOOD!


Im gonna listen to all of your recommendations and get back to you

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Sinai is my favourite track of all time, but I wouldn't call it a build up track cause it builds power pretty early.

A build up track by Talamasca is The Fifth Revelation. It's 10 mins long and builds up energy more and more and more until it explodes in the end.

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And this legendary build-up:





Best bassline ever. Most badass attitude. That break. That build-up. That fucking track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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