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Hyperstyles. CD24 | Full-On Fusion | Full-On, Morning Psy Trance Mix


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01 Astrix - Artcore

02 Space Buddha - Focus Land

03 Optokoppler - Ghostbuster

04 Space Tribe & Psywalker - Spiritual Nobody

05 Rastaliens - Agahouey (Fractal Glider Remix)

06 ChakraView - Take My Trip

07 Flooting Grooves - Fungalism

08 Sunrazers - Hypnotism

09 Life System (Cosa Nostra & O.M.C. Remix)

10 Digicult - Red Planet

11 Tropical Bleyage - Beyond Known Space

12 Champa vs Etcetera - Democracy

13 Dynamic, Katharsis - Region Unknown

14 Biokinetix feat. Mesmerizer - Here we Go (SOM Remix)

15 Xerox & Passenger - Science Is God (Outsiders Vs. Xerox Remix)

16 Synthaya, Spiritual Mode - Physical Mind

17 Mad Tribe - Alien Hoax

18 Painkiller, Mad Maxx - The New Sound

19 Deliriant - Ode To Orff


Enjoy! :)







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I listened to the entire mix. I've been listening to electronic music for over 20 years and the intro to this mix sums up how you feel about the entire package from track selection, to mixing, to flow.


10/10. Absolutely loved it. I will be using this as my go to mix for my workouts for a bit.


Thank you my brother. You need to take a minute and say to yourself you are there.

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....Can we get some details about the upcoming mix (CD25), AND when to expect it


Also what inspiration you are using for this next journey. Put me in coach :)

You can follow me on twitter or facebook (@Lentej) shouldn't be hard find me. Unfortunately I won't be uploading a mix for the end of August(I try uploading one every month), BUT will publish CD25 at the end of this month(expect some new Full-On and of course the classics mixed in there). October I'll be mixing up some Darkpsy so look out for that one :). Thanks for the awesome feedback SixZeroFou4!!

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