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"V/A - Alien Paradise"

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Trance2MoveU    357



Artist: Various

Title: Alien Paradise

Label: Fungi Records

Date: 2005


1. Boogieman - Haunted

2. Natinel - Irritaded

3. Concept - Sequence Activate

4. Suria - Super Dooper (Menog Rmx)

5. Ananda Shake - Purple Heaven

6. Killer Buds Vs. Cosmonet - Consequence

7. Ananda Shake - First Rain Rmx

8. Cosmonet - Dreamland

9. Odyssey - Madrugada



"Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?"




The final release of this label and I feel like I hardly knew ye. That's cause I didn't. Not really, but there are some pretty good tracks to be found here. The first two tracks tend towards the darker side of things and are pretty good rumblers. Sequence Activate is the true stormer here with power and liquid synths oozing all over the place. Menog's Remix of Super Dooper isn't bad and Consequence by Killer Buds is good for some acidic madness.


All in all not bad for something that is over a decade old.

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