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Phillax - Spooky Disco

Phillax - Spooky Disco   

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Starkraver    869



01. Hyperspace – 142 BPM
02. Spooky Disco – 140 BPM
03. Altlantis – 141 BPM
04. Hubble Bubble – 144 BPM
w & p by Phil Austerberry @ London, UK
Mastering: Colin Bennun - nothing more to say
Artwork: Bethan McFadden - Fitting artwork! Lovely.
Genre: Progressive, Cinematic, Twilight(?) - ( basilisk says twilight but I always thought that its banging night time psy. )
This is amazing! Even for those who hate progressive like me. Absolutely new sounds which I want more of. Those haunting piano moments , that spooky atmosphere , those weird noises all combined skillfully by Philax. Very very nicely done.
Drift away and get spooked!
The original review is lost (thanks to some db error) Here is what label has to say about this:
Phil Austerberry is one of those rare producers who knows how to
develop intriguing sonic fabula through each of his creations. In terms of music genres it's an exciting fusion of
dark psyprog, melodic psytrance and some spooky stuff


Try it here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/phillax-spooky-disco

if you like it

Buy it here: http://shop.vertigo-records.com/album/spooky-disco-ep

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Padmapani    373

something different and something creative. a harmonious blend between dark progressive and uk psytrance with an eerie atmosphere and some classical influences here and there. at the same time pretty effect-driven but also including melodic ideas. i just downloaded his whole discography from ektoplazm for further study...

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