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Texas Faggott - Uncle Mikael's Pickels (self-released)

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Thought some might be interested... :)


Texas Faggott - Uncle Mikael's Pickels (2016)




1.LAULAU-10 03:00



4.HIPSTAR 03:36

5.SIMPUTTAJA 2006 05:18


7.ERIBIISI 03:47

8.RIP ILE 03:06



11.FAKESPACE 03:12





DISCLAIMER: It has been brought to the artist's attention, that some people have misunderstood this release completely. Me, the artist am broke and need few bucks. So now I made enough money for food for few days by uploading unfinished random shitty traxx for the delight of the not so intelligent music lovers!!! Make no mistake, this is NOT the "new TF album" or some "current state of suomisaundi". This is just junk from 10 years that hasn't found it's place anywhere, so if it ends up in YOUR stereo or headphones then it's YOUR OWN FAULT and critizism will be like preaching to the choir. Especially if you don't suffer from hunger or poverty then you can't understand anyway.. ..you'd have to eat those pickelz if you were my family!


I mean, would YOU eat THOSE pickelz in THAT jar???.. ..i¨d think twice about that one mate..


Love, Mr. Thick.

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oh yes :) saw this yesterday. I have heard one track hipster, typical suomi madness. I like it!

It took me a while to notice uncle Mikael on the jar :lol:


10Euros for 5 albums! now thats how you price digital albums ;):P

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