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Gubbology - Amber Archives - Full album on Bandcamp OUT NOW!

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Hi Guys!


Scandinavian forest-Goa from Gubbology, out now on Bandcamp.

After having quite a few tracks released on compilations from Troll N Roll records,
Visionary Shamanic records and Hypnotica records, it's time to announce the first full
length album from Gubbology. A handpicked selection of tracks made between 2012-2016.

Some have been used in livesets. Some have been up on soundcloud for
while. All of them is influenced by the old school Goa stuff to some extent. But there is
also some forest and darker influences thrown into the mix. Enjoy!






Firefly (143 bpm)
Warp technology (145 bpm)
Spooch (150 bpm)
Psycic Mind (145 bpm)
Behind the Veil (145 bpm)
Wicked Tranch (145 bpm)
Oochy Coochy Beeings (148 bpm)
Xerxes (145 bpm)

All music written and produced by: Olof Ejstes
Mastering by: Christopher Malmqvist
Tree drawing: Jenny Karlsson
Logodesign and layout: Mathias Lundgren

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