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Lucidstatic Vs. Human Error - Wasteland Radio EP


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Artist: Lucidstatic Vs. Human Error

Title: Wasteland Radio EP

Label: CRL Studios

Date: November, 2011



2. Epi(centre)

3. vap0.r.1zed

4. (Loose)lips(sinks)ships

5. Fire Breathing b-east


"The government has decided that in the present state of international tension you should be told how to best protect yourself from the dangerous effects of nuclear attack."


Found this on the bandcamp page for Lucidstatic. It was free so I didn't have anything to lose. This is a short ep that has nuclear disaster as a theme. Love the dark edgy stuff and this is gritty and scary made more so by the eerie melodies and 1950's samples about protecting yourself in the event of a nuclear attack. The first track and Loose Lips are a pile of mechanical breakcore noise and not to my taste. Epi(center), vap0r.r.1zed, and the last track however are downtempo industrial tracks that hit me just right. Slow and dark. It's a very brief ep, but if atmosphere and hard electronics are your thing you should check this out.


Lucidstatic Bandcamp

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