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"V/A - Avant Garden"


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Artist: Various

Title: Avant Garden

Label: TIP Records

Date: October, 2015


1. Avalon & Electric Universe - One Giant Leap

2. Lucas & Laughing Buddha - Revel With The Devil

3. Lucas & Mechanimal - The Impossible (Imaginarium Remix)

4. Tristan & Groove Addict - Feel The Light

5. Circuit Breakers - Rumblicious

6. Martian Arts & Radical Frequencies - 808 Space

7. Psilocybian - Scatterbrain

8. Outside The Universe - Electric Memories

9. Earthling & Ajja - Puddle Jumpers

10. Hypnocoustics & Cosmosis - Dark Matter





The way TIP is going is this going to be there next album cover?


Sigh. I'm kind of torn on this one. I love (perhaps loved is more accurate) TIP Records even though they've begun to resemble Nano, but man you've got to give me more if you want this relationship to work. Trying to catch lightning in a bottle after the massive goodness that was Tales of Heads (the promo says this is a follow up to God Save the Machine) is proving a wee bit difficult. Lucas brings together a list of the usual suspects in a lineup that is heavy on unrealized potential. There are too many stripped down stretches where the bass line is very prominent and doesn't allow other parts to shine. Gone are the lush details and constantly morphing synth lines we saw on those other two albums. There is nothing that draws me in and therefore I don't feel invested in the tracks. This was the same problem with the Laughing Buddha, Dickster, and Tristan albums. Good parts are there yet they are outweighed by the longer and less imaginative ones. I don't want you to get the impression that this was a bad album because it's not. But when the bar you yourself set so high isn't reached me makey sad face. Plenty of tracks are more than good. 808 Space featuring half of Goasia and the final track pairing Hypnocoustics with Cosmosis were the best tracks for me just to name a couple. Overall the compilation is good and at times great, but certainly a tad disappointing considering what came before it.


So I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's a good album, but fell short of what I was hoping for.






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