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VA - Acid Disco (Zion 604)

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Track list:


1. The Square - We Dream Of Wires

2. Skizologic - Chase Your Mind

3. ON3 - Basic

4. Space Cat - Kreak Remake (Zion 2016)

5. ON3 & Skizologic - The Cure

6. Libra - Reality

7. 2minds - Pic & Roll

8. Union Jack - Papillon (LOUD Vs Domestic Remix)

9. The Square - No Limitations




After a string of retrospective releases Zion604 started recently putting out contemporary music, promoting their in-house artists like Skizologic, The Square, ON3 or 2minds.


Acid Disco is - as the title implies - heavily acid-driven compilation, mixing their own artists with some of the old-school heavy weights (Space Cat, Union Jack). Contrary to my expectations, it's not really heavy, dark and/or hard-hitting assault on senses. For most of the time it operates in mid-tempos (usually below 140BPM), with as much of emphasis on spaces between the sounds than at the sounds themselves - the music rarely gets very dense and the acid-lines tend to be smoother, less distorted/screamy, to certain extent it's like a progressive trance equivalent to night-time acidic goa. As a result, this is more funky-acidic, than crazy-acidic and because of that can get quite trancey or hypnotic at times. Only two things I didn't like is some tunes venturing into 3/4 time-signature which simply doesn't work for me and the fact, that a lot of it sounds the same just like Nano Rec., Bom Shanka Rec. or Suntrip Rec. artists tend to operate within pretty narrow "sonic palette". If someone told me this was an artist album, I'd believe them. Still, there's nothing wrong there - it's a very solid compilation and that sound (think last year's awesome Skizologic "Robotized") is still fresh and largely unique.


While not on par with Zion604's earlier releases, it's worth checking out even more so if you are collecting physical releases - the digipak is just gorgeous!



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No limitations is the track which I like. Love the way they tweak that sample. Can someone write it down. Not able to make out last few words.


It's not an essential Zion604 release. It's OK'ish.


I am really excited of the fact that we might get a complete album from Square on the lines of "No limitations" track.


I am also scared that these guys might completely venture out into nano territory in the future.

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I was pretty dissapointed. I have the feeling Zion604 is going into the territory of more commercial sound of todays festival with an old school touch. Not bad, not good, just random ok. But I wont listen to this in a year or 2 I guess...

+ 1 that's exactly what I thought.

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So all in all, after repeated listens I must admit (and god knows I tried) that I'm a bit disappointed.


The concept in my opinion is good, the somewhat slower funkier acidic approach to Goa that fits as a warm-up slot at parties. Not too much of this kind of music around these days, so I'm glad Zion is trying to present this type of Goa.


It's clear where the inspiration came from, looking at the reworks from well-known oldschoolers Space Cat and Union Jack. Like I said, I applaud the intention but it still comes down to the fact that these two reworks are easily the best tracks on the compilation (with skizologic and the square coming in second, but we already knew they was good). The other tracks fail to completely grip me and some of the samples used just don't scratch my itch. Especially Basic, The Cure and Reality suffer from this. The sound is a lot more minimalistic than I'm used from Goa so that took a bit of adapting as well. Energy-levels never really rise too high.


That being said, the compilation is far from bad and I still expect it to grow on me. It's just that Zion604 raised the bar to insane levels with their comps Flight 604 2, Sandi90ies 2 and the awesome debut album of Skizologic... Last weekend I had the pleasure of hearing a lot of Zion604 artists (Octapulse, Skizologic Live, Skizologic vs Shidapu, Shidapu Live) and that was just fantastic so keep on doing what you're doing Zion604!!!!


Fantastic artwork though!

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There's no disco in here. That's bullsh*t man.


This is a compilation by the guys at Zion604 and it's a definite grower. What it is not is the layered melody heavy goa trance that we already have a lot of. It's not dark acidic goa either. If I had to put words to describe it I would say it's a more cerebral goa trance that works harder because of the lack of melody. Mixed together with psychedelic vibes and midtempo sway this can get a little raw on you (The Cure, Basic). Once you come to terms with the what it isn't then the journey becomes more enjoyable. The rhythm, the constant bumping rhythm was the star for me. And of course all the goa bubbling that contributed to that warm sound. Hats of to Space Cat for his mastering job, riding down the highway with this pumping in the car was an absolute pleasure. I'm sure it's getting harder and harder to re discover superb unreleased classics so eventually the quality of music had to take a dip. Personally I didn't find any blockbusters here. But like others have said this isn't bad at all and for most of the tracks my head was bouncing.


And yeah the cover art is pretty damn sweet.


Zion604 Bandcamp





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