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V/A - The Dark Side of the Groove

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Artist: Various

Title: The Dark Side of the Groove

Label: Nutek Records

Date: April, 2007


1. Bio-Genesis - Hemisphere

2. Mad Netic - Transmission

3. Painkiller - Speed of Light

4. CPU & Sirius Isness - Brain Chemistry

5. Bliss - Redemption Bong

6. Mekkanikka - Zowanagor

7. Azax Syndrom - Existence

8. Menog - Never Again Vision

9. Painkiller Vs. Mekkanikka - Time Is Now

10. Atomic Pulse - Strike Twice




















Hell no.


As far as I'm concerned Nutek is everything that is wrong with psytrance. They're the frat boy with the popped collar, hat to the side, Abercrombie & Fitch uniform that thinks you yearn to be like him. But I see through your douchebag facade "Brad". They compile music under the pretense that it is dark and involved when it is the same stop and start nonsense that has infected the scene. Puddle deep and sample heavy this is a manual on what not to do. I would insist an apology from the artists, but I understand they got bills to pay and a label like Nutek follows these guys like stressed out dog walker picking up whatever they sh*t out. Insipid titles with build-ups and full on bass lines topped off with tired leads. There was zero groove to be found here and the only part of me that received a workout was my fast forwarding finger. I'm the last guy to claim any moral superiority, but if this is your definition of quality psytrance then we cannot be friends. Just to be safe, stay out of crosswalks also.



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