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Nostromosis - Battle Times


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Artist: Nostromosis

Title: Battle Times

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: April, 2015


1) The Gods Descended From Heaven
2) VlaMen
3) Kali-Yuga
4) Nuclear Apocalypse
5) Space Tribe Of Siberia
6) Revival
7) Voyager
8) JeVo





Ugh. That cover. I realize the artist chooses their cover, but perhaps some stronger nudging in a different direction was in order? So conflicted on this one. I see boobs so I already want to like it. The fact that she's blue is irrelevant because we as a people should celebrate our differences, but mostly she's got tits. If making it with an alien of a different color is good enough for William Shatner it's good enough for me. Sure the multiple appendages seems intimidating, but think of what she could do with those multiple appendages. Only when you look closely do you realize she may just as easily dismember and eat you as soon as mate with you. Well, damn...now my penis is afraid and I don't know what to think.


Nostromosis is Russian Igor Sidorov and I haven't been impressed with any of his previous work. Sorry. It happens. I know it makes me unAmerican, but I feel the same way about Bob Dylan and Springsteen. Never liked them. Thing is his tracks aren't bad per se, but they leave me unfulfilled. He's the Chinese food of goa trance. Whether it's his sound choice, consistently galloping bass line, or affinity for key changes his music sounds like it's a level below the really great artists. Having said that this is his best work to date in my opinion. He still embraces the key change thing unfortunately, but the sound is layered well and expertly produced. It's goa through and through with a trancey vibe.


Which is in direct contrast to that threatening cover. Right now there are hundreds of darkpsy artists crumbling up artwork and having to begin anew. And speaking of that, this music is threatening the same way suburban white kids are gangsters. It's hard to be mean mugging and violent when you have yearbook after school. Revival has an edge to it building tension right from the outset, but even tat track can't maintain it's stance and loses steam. For me the music is too soft and lacks punch. Nuclear Apocalypse sounds less like the brink of armageddon and more like a pillow fight.


Not bad and the potential is there, but right now I feel he's got a ways to go.




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