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Coming Soon: Ephedra - Flying Over The Universe

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Goa Madness Records is very proud to present you the 2nd album of Ephedra: «Flying Over The Universe»!

After the success of his first album «Journey Through My Head» and after nearly 2 years of hard work, Alexandre Cohen is back with 9 powerfull tracks to fill your brain and body with euphoric melodies, crazy acid lines and spacy atmospheres... The album starts with «Connected Beings», a very oldskoolish track that assures a smooth start of this release. The slower tempo, distorted acids and efficient lead works will definitely put you in condition for what will happen next. The remix of the masterpiece «The Entity» brings you the deep E-mantra sounds, blended with some more euphoric elements to deliver a completely new and surprising version of this piece of art. «Supreme», «This is The Truth» and «Citric Storm» delivers the typical Ephedra sounds and will for sure become some serious dancefloor stompers! “Extraterrestrial life” is a more intense and acidic experience. The crispy analog acid lines and screaming leads deliver an explosive cocktail to distort your brain with very high frequencies. You are warned! «Moro Rock» and «Melosomnia» are keeping the perfect balance between groovy basslines and postive melodies, while «Final Flight Over The Universe» closes this album with more deeper sounds and emotional feelings...

We wish you a pleasant flight over the universe and as always... Enjoy the madness!
1: Connected Beings
2: E-Mantra: The Entity (Ephedra Remix)
3: Supreme
4: This Is The Truth
5: Citric Storm
6: Extraterrestrial Life
7: Moro Rock
8: Melosomnia (Feat Imba)
9: Final Flight Over The Universe
Artwork by: Neogoa Design
Preview: Soundcloud
Release: May 2016
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Album of the year contender! These buildups are fucking amazing!


Really? Comming off of brilliant "Journey Through My Head" this one seems rather bland and uninspired.

I'm on my 10th full-length listen and I can't recall single track nor a memorable moment.


Hope it grows on me, because I loved his compilation tracks and the debut album a lot... :unsure:

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Highly dissapointing. Ephedra transformed into E-Mantra.


Wow, that's a spot on description!


Indeed, the music is still (very) good, but somehow it lost its edge, rawness - it become pretty predictable, playing-it-safe and the melodies aren't as memorable as they were on the debut album. I like it, some tracks a lot ("Melosomnia" and "Citric Storm" are awesome, dripping with acid!), but I don't think I'll be coming back to it a lot in few months...

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I thought the very opposite, I think the melodies in the sequel are much more memorable. I think the production was more varied in the first but melodies more storytelling here.


I can totally see the E-mantra and rawness comparison but I don't find it to be it's detriment here.


Edit: Then again both albums have their ups and downs. I just seem to prefer the ups of this.

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