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Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising (Neogoa Records, 2016)

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Neogoa Records is proud to present the long-awaited new Ultimate Xperience (UX) release Lazarus Rising featuring new productions by this legendary psychedelic trance act. This conceptual mini-album is the introduction for the upcoming Ultimate Xperience double-CD album, The Realm Of A New Dawn, which will include most of the music from this release and should come out sometime in early 2017 under the Neogoa Records banner. Kris Kylven, the mastermind behind the project, put a lot of effort and time into making this release possible. Here he introduces a new vision and direction for the project, an important and vital part of the Goa trance scene with vast experience and knowledge spanning two decades. Now, Ultimate Xperience is ready to take one step further and present this music to the world in the best possible fashion!

All tracks written, performed, engineered, and produced by Kris Kylven @ Universum Maschine Studio (Laibach, Slovenia) except track 5, originally written by Ben Watkins & Mike Maguire (appearing here with kind permission). Mastered by Charles Michaud @ Préférence Mastering. Track 7 post-production mastering by Mark Nomen at dB Factory. Artwork design by Kris Kylven and Richpa at Neogoa Design.


Download ► http://bit.ly/get-ux YouTube ► http://bit.ly/yt-ux SoundCloud ► http://bit.ly/sc-ux

Download at Ektoplazm.com: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/ultimate-xperience-lazarus-rising







01. Ultimate Xperience - Andromeda (145 BPM)
02. Ultimate Xperience - Kingdom Of Heaven (145 BPM)
03. Ultimate Xperience - Across Thee Universe [space Time Continuum] (145 BPM)
04. Ultimate Xperience - LAZARUS [sanctum] Mix XIII (145 BPM)
05. Ultimate Xperience vs. Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons [Deus Ex-Machina Mix] (142 BPM)
06. Ultimate Xperience - Radio-Activity [eXtinction 13] (120 BPM)
07. Ultimate Xperience - Thee Aud‡ssey [Continues] [The Faithealers Remix] (127 BPM)


Written , Performed, Engineered & Produced by Kris Kylven @ Universum Maschine Studio - Laibach - Slovenia 2016

Mastering by Charles Michaud @ Preference Mastering | www.preference-mastering.com
Track #07 post production mastering by Mark Nomen @ Db Factory | www.dbfactory.kiwa.fi

Artwork design and concept by Kris Kylven and Richpa @ Neogoa Design | www.facebook.com/neogoadesign

Track #05 originally written by Ben Watkins & Mike Maguire [under kind permission]
Track #06 influenced by Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity
Track #07 remixed by The Faithealers


Lazarus Rising is dedicated to "Lazare B;" & Family: M-Rick & Nath
Radio-Activity [eXtinction 13] is dedicated to Xavier Morel


Ultimate Xperience LIVE are:
Kris Kylven: Leader / Mixing / Synths / V Drums
RX Heaven: Live Electronics / Midi Guitar
Jan Rechberger (Amorphis): Pearl Drums & V Drums
Bo Ian Wook: Mixing


More Neogoa Records at:


More Ultimate Xperience at:


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I talked with Kris about having this one pressed in limited number on digipak and I hope we will be able to make it happen, just for the sake of die-hard collectors, but I won't give any promises since the release isn't done yet and there is a lot of work ahead, but at this moment I'm very pleased and excited how it's shaping, since early previews sounds refreshing and well-produced. Usually when you recieve some unmastered demo track you're already discussing the mastering and sound, in this case unmastered previews had superb sound-quality and top-notch mix.

I'm also aware that many Goa trance fans avoid digital releases and don't pay attention towards that netlabel scene, (it's one of the reasons why some Neogoa releases went under the radar, even the music was on pair with a lot of stuff nowdays that ends up on physical media, in terms of quality), but hey, it's a matter of taste and if they decide to change their mind, our music will wait for them and it will be free for download. For me personally (and for other people involved into Neogoa project), the positive thing is to see that veteran artist such as Kris recognized all the efforts and hard work that we're putting into this project and whole Goa trance liberation idea as something everyone can relate to and become a part of it at some point. Giving your your art and work for free is a nobel gesture and you don't see nowdays a lot of established or 'big' names who are going into that direction. Sometimes the biggest stars are thoose fans who made artists big and many people in the world actually can't afford to give for example 10 bucks to purchase their favorite music in WAV, so seeing artist showing his appriciation in that way for me is one of the reasons why I'm doing this for 6 years now (and most of that time, I've been an unemployed, so I can relate to thoose people and understand thier situation very well).

Thank you all for being interested into this release and for nice feedback regarding the artwork :)

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Wow, I liked it a lot, even though on the surface it sounds like full-on Juno Reactor ;):D


Hope the plans to release it on CD come to fruition - I can even pay in advance if that helps :)



You can run a kickstarter if you are not sure

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Definitely a fresh sound, an evolution so to say. I like the atmosphere of the UX is still there. Looking forward to hear some more samples and hopefully a full release soon :-)

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We're not marketing this relaese as the return of old UX. As some of you already noticed and pointed out, this is evolution of Ultimate Xperience and it's sound and vision. If you're nostalgic like Psychedelic Alien or you're expeciting recycled sound or creations from 90's, you can always get back to the old UX releases and skip this one. However, Kris and I invites you to give us a chance to fully present the new music and new art in best possible form and audio-visual quality, since Lazarus Rising really deserves it. Probably some other labels would PR this release as a grand-return of UX and it's sound, but we're not doing this, in honest way we're communicating about the music and we will give you music for free and if you like it you will already find the way to support work of Kris and Neogoa. It's 2016 already, and Goa trance music is shaping in many beautiful ways and honestly I think this release will give it's part and input, especially in terms of top class production, remarkable moments and musical diversity tipical for Kris, ranging from proto-Goa and industrial influences towards more trance and tribal elemets, spiced up with cinematic build-ups and cyber psychedelia.

You can expect the official samples on our SoundCloud page very soon and I will make sure to post them right here alongside with all other interesting details for Lazarus Rising.

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Storyline, trance flow and melancholic are all perfect in this track. Doesn't get boring at all!!!


But I hope it are my speakers here lying to me. But still I feel the sound overal is rather generic and not that deep & organic as what Kris can make. For example: the live rmx of 'master of the universe' is probably the best live rmx ever made: fucking amazing, deep, symphonic and so very complex and intense.

So I hope the production level will be as high as we can expect from him.


Good luck guys: UX is a big and especially good name :)

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Please, make it happen so that it gets released on CD!




Cd release please.



I'll talk with Kris this weekend :) Also, teaser has been updated with longer version and impoved audio-quality. Track name from sampler is Kingdom Of Heaven (unmastered version).



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