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One Arc Degree - The Ocean Palace [Blue Tunes Chillout]

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After 5 creative years with many original tracks as well as remixes released, I am excited & proud to announce "The Ocean Palace", One Arc Degree's debut LP! Release date is set for the last day of March, on digital stores. Have a listen to the first teaser:


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So, there is a short story we 've written for this album, treating it as the soundtrack to an imaginary film. The story is this:


The Ocean Palace is not a palace. It’s King is not a king. Royal blood does not run through his veins, nor he has a noble ancestry. Douglas Page found himself on the shores of Kraken Mare seven full years ago, just a short while before the start of summer. His mission was to examine & assess biological information on life sustainability and build the groundwork for the first extraterrestrial colony of the human race, here on hydrocarbon-rich Titan. That assessment ended six years ago. He was supposed to be joined by the first team of scientists and engineers just two years after his landing, in order to construct the primary colony base. They never came. They never would. That much was clear now. Earth had deserted him, in the ever-shifting dunes of Belet above which, in that hazy sky, Saturn and the Sun danced together perpetually. There would never be a colony. During his two year and four months trip to Titan, budget priorities shifted dramatically back on Earth. It simply didn’t make any sense to allocate the necessary funds for space colonization while an all-out nuclear war was taking place, on a global scale. Even if that colony was humanity’s slim chance of survival. But humanity was never really that far-sighted anyway. By the time Douglas had landed, the war was over, leaving the global economy as well as any technological infrastructure in shambles. Being the optimist that he was, Douglas had faith in the human race, he firmly believed that they would soon rebuild the modern civilization, that they would stick to the plan. At worst, he would have to endure the loneliness for a while longer. Nothing his training hadn’t prepared him for. His physical and mental abilities could last a lifetime of solitude, walking on Titan alone, living in the spacecraft alone. His sanity lasted for five years. The lonely King had watched Saturn rise a thousand times, casting his dim light over the metal plates of his Ocean Palace and he was destined to watch it many thousand times more, before he could remember who he once was…

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