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Artist: Purist

Name: Icaro

Released: February 15th 2016

Catalogue no: TSANGEP017

Label: Sangoma Records

Genre: Electronic

Style: Psychedelic Trance

Format: Digital EP

Mastering: Scorb @TRK Mastering

Artwork: Aashit Singh (theare.co.in)


Out now!

Beatport: https://pro.beatport.com/release/icaro/1704286

Bandcamp: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/icaro


1. Purist Icaro

2. Purist Sangrealien

3. Purist - Visionary States

4. Purist vs. MPF - Imersao


We at Sangoma Records unleash our latest discovery of fresh Brazilian psychedlia Purist! Leonardo Tozzi, active in the scene since 2002 under various aliases, brings us an action filled Icaro EP full of driving organic sounds with a twist! His musics aim is to heal the soul through trance and is highly influenced through experiences with shamanism, which is a living tradition going back millennia in Brazil and other regions of the South American continent. This release contains 3 solo tracks and collaboration with Via Axis and Daniel Bertinis new project MPF and a crystal-clear mastering by Scorb @TRK Music. An adventurous aural journey to the upper- under- and middleworld of this fascinating green country await you. Sangoma Records Medicinal music.




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