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Old school goa track from 1995-1996


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this one im sure someone will be able to identify.

im trying to rack my brain on which artist sounds like that.

early koxbox comes to mind... will get back to you once ive searched my collection



the following artists might or might not have anything to do with the track


radiotrance (not sure what they have released)

biot (melody similar to Radiation)

prana (a bit similar to Indigo)

shakta/somaton (unreleased/early)

total eclipse (unreleased/early)

ka-sol (early)


thats as far as my time allows for now.

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it sounds so familiar, but, it might be a very rare track. I just discovered for instance that some artists had some vhs only tracks, such as Virtuart with Goagogo released only here

https://www.discogs.com/DJ-Serge-Hypnotic-Trance/release/1651479, maybe it is that one, who knows!

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I and some colleagues at DAT think that this is an unreleased of Astral Projection called "I Looked Up".

This title is listed on the booklet of Return To The Source VA in a top 10 of Mike Maguire, and fits the era and the style of this one.

IF found, will be released, no worries about that, we are already looking for it.

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