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Nova Fractal - Transcendence EP - Goa Madness Records

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Goa Madness Records is proud to present you the new EP of Nova Fractal: «Transcendence»!

After numerous releases on labels such as Ovnimoon records, Timewarp records, Suntrip records, Goa Madness records etc... Renato Brnic is now back to fill your ears with emotional melodies and typical grooves! This release starts with «Mystery of life» a pure Goatrance beauty filled with spacy leads and atmospheres that will make you fly with your eyes closed. The second track, «The wheel of time» will for sure become a true dancefloor stomper! Massive leads and groovy beats blended together to deliver a pure moment of joy! This release ends with the remix made by Ephedra, giving another dimension and a more euphoric approach to «Mystery of life».
If you are a true melodic Goatrance lover, this EP is a must have in your collection!

Enjoy the madness!


1. Nova Fractal: Mystery Of Life
2. Nova Fractal: The Wheel Of Time
3. Nova Fractal: Mystery Of Life (Ephedra Remix)

Artwork by: Neogoa Design

Preview: Soundcloud

BUY HERE: Beatspace

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omg finally :D


and what an amazing piece of artwork!! yes, same glow on the font as always, and a cheesy PS lens flare but its ok :P


Wheel of time is one of the best goatrance tracks in the history of goatrance, and its quite a wonder for such a track to come out in the new school era.

thank you nova fractal!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I cant stop listening to Mystery of Life.


As soon as I hit play, I get all excited on about whats to come. And when its ending, its like a comedown and the replay is like a re-dose.. Similar to the feeling I have for Connect.

You just now, instantly, in the first minute - that its going to be EPIC melodies and climaxes coming up.


The energetic basslines, completely driving the mix forward in a fast pace - together with the BEST mixed goa trance ever, on par only with Artifact303 - well.

That mix is rare. To have both an artist that are skillfull in using production tools like comp and eq - and talent enough to make use of the tools to create such beauty.


But its official now, Myster of Life has reached legendary status for me and its even better now, than Wheel of Time, which might or might not be because Ive already heard Wheel of Time so much Im currently "bored" with it, and so happy to have Mystery Of Life as my new "put on repeat" track that I sometimes like to do with really good tracks.


I think Im on the 50th play or so, and still, the first minute still brings chills on my arms on what is to come.

Nova fractal, how you do it, I dont know.

You have an amazing brain there, bro.


I DO Hope you re-check the mastering though - as I found the masters sent to me to be sounding great, but had some fundamental errors, like too low soundpressure or RMS (-9db is too low, IMHO, compared to for example Artifact303 - For a Better World - which is still a soft track so to speak, and that has a pressure of -6,8db, which seems to be a sweet spot) , and a bit soft on the high transients. I had to remaster it, to enjoy it properly, and my current RMS is at -4.8, which is too hard, but I tend to enjoy loud masters for some reason - a bad habit, and it would sound alot better at about -6.5db, but yes - PLEASE FIX THIS BEFORE RELEASE.

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Bought :D


Now proud owner of the best goa currently.

I mean, I struggle to pay bills and get proper food in me. Honestly. Dont feel sorry for me please, that was not my intention. I just mean even though I have other priorities than buying music - for this release, it was without a doubt a direct without afterthought - purchase.

Rhyme like a villian yo

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