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Somnesia - Cosmic Resonance :::album:::

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Somnesia is back. He creates the perfect dosage to color the goa sound. Cosmic Resonance plunges us into hallucinatory atmosphere with dazzling soundscapes. An explosion of highly relevant melodies that awaken in all our senses. This new collection of 9 organic goa trance tracks aspire us in a galactic spiral and offers us wonderful transcendent passages.



1) From Nibiru ::09'34::

2) Heliopolis ::10'29::

3) Everytime Galaxies Illuminate ::09'45::

4) Edge Of Infinity ::09'01::

5) Beyond The Sky (Space Mood Mix) ::09'51::

6) Abstract World ::09'27::

7) Back To Nibiru ::09'10::

8) Slow Motion ::11'00::

9) Zero Gravity ::01'40::


* all tracks are written and produced by Somnesia


::Somnesia's soundcloud::


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This is great goa trance, really! Your music has been great since back in the day, I already enjoyed your tracks from 2010 (When Kali Meditates on Goa Overdose). However, also since back then, I found your tracks sound like they are going through a hi-pass filter. The low end, the "pressure", is totally missing, and apparently beyond fixing for whomever does the mastering. So I really wonder: Is this intended?


Sorry if that reads a bit offensive, it's not meant that way. It's just bugging me because in my opinion, this is the one thing that's missing for me to consider Somnesia to be "top-level" (whatever that means, but nonetheless).

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You're right. I'm very sensitive to the treble and less with the bass. And also I often work with a helmet to impregnate me the sound. I attach a greater importance to acid tones. The problem is that I no longer have a computer (hard disk is dead) and ge will not be able to make any changes. I just have time to save only 3 new albums...

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