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Libra - Share Dream State EP


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Artist: Libra

Title: Share Dream State EP

Label: Zion 604

Date: August, 2015


1. Grumbling Machine

2. Share Dream State


Just read the Tottem review by our favorite fruit fly and that got the typing juices flowing. Zion 604 is a label that releases music goa trance from both the past and present with nary a disappointment. Haven't heard much from them this summer, but that's probably because they're out at all the festivals shagging multiple ladies with daddy issues with only a beat and a melody. Somehow between all that hedonism they managed to eek out a little ep.


This project is yet another musician from the holy land.




The closet is not the holy land Robin, it's your prison. You're not fooling anyone. Come out into the light, you'll feel better. Do you have any idea how much you're gonna sh*t after all that ice cream? Good luck getting that outta those tights.


Not that holy land the biblical one. With all the artists from that place you would be led to believe that kids are issued a copy of FL Studio when they exit the womb. It's a short 2 tracker, but it is very well done and shows that the label has an eye for current goa trance. The opener sounds just like I think a grumbling machine would, with mechanical sounds and sprinkled lightly with some goa grease. Whirring, cranking, creaking...kinda minimal with not overpowering melodies. Not bad. The title track piles on with the sparse electro theme at first, but the details really begin to flower as you move farther into the track. It's juicy and not aggressive, but at almost 10 minutes it has plenty of time to flourish.


Not the best goa I've heard, but it certainly is good to see this music of ours stretched into different creative avenues.


Zion 604 Bandcamp

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