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Hi there !

Mamomam Records is a new record label from Poland, runned by JaraLuca and Miraceti.
We want to introduce our upcoming VA compilation - "Star Paths", which will bring you nice psychill /downtempo music with cosmic flavore for every psy chill dancefloors and of course for listening wherever you like.
Release should be out very soon on Ektoplazm for free download in best quality.


Tracklist :

1. Chillaoz with SkyzoDub - Multiverse Connection (110 bpm)
2. Nibana - Among Thoughts (85 bpm)
3. Space Element - Reflection (110 bpm)
4. JaraLuca - One Day In Cosmos (105 bpm)
5. Miraceti - Meditative States Of Mind (111 bpm)
6. JIS - Random Energy (112 bpm)
7. Red Sun Rising - The Battle in Ancient Galaxy (114 bpm)
8. Zopmanika - Celestial Eye (115 bpm )
9. Moondancer - Messy Thoughts at The Top of The Backbone (75 bpm)

Mastering - Khaoz Mastering

Very soon, we will post link for whole compilation samples !

Meanwhile you can listen to Nibana track sample on our Mamomam Rec soundcloud !

Stay Tuned !!

Our Facebook :

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Mamomam Records is proud to present you their first release – the "Star Paths" VA compilation.
This album will take you on a deep trip into cosmos. "Star Paths" contains 9 psychill tracks, great for chilling out at home and fit for every psychill dancefloor.

Share it with your friends ! And we are waiting for feedback.

Only 200 free copies on Bandcamp . Star Paths will be also available on Ektoplazm !


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