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Artist: Harax

Album: Theia

Label: Awakening records

Date: 27 Mar 2012



1. Lost - 4:52

2. Diomedea - 8:22

3. Blizzard - 7:15

4. Again - 7:27

5. Libration - 6:31

6. Explain - 4:43

7. Albedo - 6:45

8. Trace - 6:59

9. Twilight - 6:17

10. Tidal - 4:00


Many Ukrainians and Russians make downtempo/ambient music that has a distinct flavour. And they do a good job. Denis Botsvin aka Harax is one of them and he is from Ukraine.


Really nice album here. Spacey, cosmic, with a good amount of acid. There are nice melodies throughout the album that uplift the soul.


Soothing ambient trance with that cosmic vibe that hypnotizes, before slow 4/4 straight kicks enter in some tracks, sooner or later. The shorter tracks are beatless, and there are also some broken beats.

Well-crafted, with attention to details and careful selection of sounds. Music that is definitely not overwhelming and that comes straight out of the soul, I'd say.

Melodic, relaxing, harmonious, acidic, uplifting, contemplative are some adjectives that fit to describe this album.


If you generally like the Russian/Ukrainian ambient artists and/or acid ambient like CBL, you'll appreciate this.


Definitely recommended.


Buy at:



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