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Artist: Dickster

Title: Inebriatti

Label: Nano Records

Date: June, 2015


1. Bumbling Loons - Shimmer

2. Dickster & Hopi - Freeze the Cheese

3. Dickster & Master Blasters - Rawcous

4. AMD - For Those About To...

5. Dickster - Caffeinator

6. Dickster & Nigel - Psylonius Funk

7. Dickster & Earthling - Keep It Surreal

8. Dickster & Darshan - Decoder

9. Circuit Breakers - Nighty Night

10. Dickster & Space Tribe - Hack A Haka





I know I pick on how bad Psyshop written promos can be, but c'mon man...you gotta do better than this.


"Nano Records and Psyshop Music Distribution presents... a fantastic trance album from master class Artist 'Dickster'."


That's it? That's not a promo it's a f*cking editorial. And a weak one at that. And what the hell happened to Nano Records? They used to be money, but nowadays it seems like their stuck in a f*cked up audio version of Groundhog day. It started with the subpar Laughing Buddha album and then continued with the been there done that Tristan Way of Life disc. This is an album of Dick Trevor's side projects, a compilation if you will, but he's involved in all the tracks. Let's see if it's three strikes and you're out.




Yeah I like where this is going...Is what I said after the opening progressive trance track. It had all the elements to bring a smile to my face. But what began as a playful game of cat and mouse ended with a full-on nut punch. There is nothing here that we haven't heard a million times before. Like three day old birthday cake it's as stale as it could be. From Beavis and Butthead samples to the New Zealand All Blacks (I think that's what it is) chant this sh*t is tired. Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity so ya'll must be crazy. Which is an insult to crazy people cause at least they're unpredictable.


Sorry Nano...you out.



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hehe this review cracked me up


surprisingly enough, i have never really paid attention to dickster's stuff in particular - so this was in some ways my first really focused look at his music

i quite liked it - nothing groundbreaking here, but i thought it had moments of full on meets foresty grooves which is not something i have heard from nano in the past


my picks were

vs master blasters - raucious - nice melody on this one

vs space tribe - hack a haka - the samples and energy were super catchy

vs nigel - Psylonius Funk - really put the forest groove vibe in my mind

vs Earthling - Keep It Surreal - hard for me not to like anything with earthling involved in it hehe


all in all to each his own :)

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Trance2MoveU hit this right on the head. As a South African, I've always held Nano records in high regard, up until about 2 years ago.

One of the best things about Nano was that there was always the signature "Nano Sound", however, I feel that in striving for this unique sound that is Nano,

they've gone and done the complete opposite.


Instead of encouraging creativity, it's almost like Nano took every single ounce of creativity out of every single one of their artists and said "No! This is not how Nano sounds" and now,

all fucking Nano shit sounds the same. It's the same boring fuckin drug samples, the same stale basslines etc.


I actually wrote them a letter, complaining that they were in danger of losing a fan, but they probably wouldn't have given a shit anyway, so I tore the letter up, and they're still making shit music.

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The ACDC sample in "For Those About To..." is enough to stop me buying this album.

Besides that, there's nothing to excite. Heard it all before, done better.

Shame, because I thought this was going to be good.

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