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Welcome to the <<LAND OF AWARENESS>>


✜ I am very stoked to share this release! We hope you like it ! Please join us on this one of a kind album! thanks for all the support and efforts in this exciting release!!!✜


☛The intention of this project is to invite you with energetic music to cultivate your self through reflection.

Every track has been injected with a message that will entice you to dance and raise an awareness of the better future of our world.



Available online this DEC-11-2015


1-Blue Lunar Monkey - Infinite Conciousness


2-Visua & Duendo Matka - Someone is Watching you


3-Ecliptic - The Black Jaguar


4-Duendo Matka - The Present Moment


5-Hasmodai & Duendo Matka - Power of Actions


6-Phanatic - Land of Awareness


7-Barak & Duendo Matka - Permaculture is the Future


8-Dr Hoffman - Planta Sagrada


9-Duendo Matka - Vianjist ( Holon rmx)


10-Brainiac - S.O.S



Animaudio and Caffix Records are proud to present «Land of Awareness», featuring top psytrance producers from Mexico and around the world.

Immerse yourself in the vibrations of a one of a kind release promoting respect and unity throughout the world with many styles including chill, progressive, psytrance and suomisaundi.

A society is able to accomplish more than science, technology and art when it is able to recognize its own dysfunction through love, truth, compassion and respect. Let the music embrace your emotions with this collection of tracks that bring you a message of clarity

Welcme to the LAND of AWARENESS.



Promo Video


FB Release Updates (Join):


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