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tracklist of this mix


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1. sounds like Man With No Name

2. sounds like Electric Universe

3. Zodiac Youth - Atoms (Angelfish remix)

4. Miranda - Steps To The Stars

5. Space Tribe - Tantra Mantra

6. Ololiuqui - Argonaut

7. Galaxy - Connected

8. Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth

9. Juno Reactor - Guardian Angel

10. sounds like Boris again... Electric Sunrise?

11. Spectral - Celtic Alchemy, forget which mix

12. Genetic - Floor

13. Space Tribe - You Can Be Anything

14. Psyko Disko - Get Away

15. Electric Universe - Technologic?

16. MFG - Shape The Future


I'd love to know what the first two tracks are; I'm fairly sure I've heard them before, I just can't place them.

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Jupiter8000 - Orbit is Track 10

Track 15 it is not Technologic

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