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Ajja - Tulpa [Peak records] 2012

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Discogs link: http://www.discogs.com/Ajja-Tulpa/release/3525373

Label: Peak Records

Style: Psy-Trance


1 Bebopper 7:40

2 Rude Alert 6:59

3 Bazinga 8:19

4 Surge 7:03

5 iFriend 7:57

6 Sidewinder (Flying Mix) 8:02

7 Ingrained 7:22

8 Bayaya 7:05

9 Widdershins 7:15

10 Three Dots 8:01


Dark non-melodic psy-trance with rolling basslines, that is how this album can be described. No cheese here, loud groovy basslines and very good production. Remember the album Krumelur - Minimal animal, well that is different for sure mainly because of the full on basslines, but some effects used here are similar.

Weaknesses: no real melody here, and all the tracks follow a similar formula.

Strenghts: this is psychedelic and can kill on a dancefloor, for a DJ this is a serious and reliable weapon. The production is flawless, the mastering is perfect. Great attention to details, I actually listen to this at home with good headphones and this is very nice (a bit repetitive though, if you listen to the full disc).

Extract: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6GZAPgi0yA

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