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Delightful Imperfections - A Breath of Fresh Air


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Hey everyone,


Its been a little while since I've shared anything so heres a new mix from my new studio :)


Designed to freshen the senses & clean out the cobwebs, this euphoric journey lifts us to the blissful heights of upbeat psychedelic chill out, before guiding us towards a gentle landing, in the beautiful psybient realms we all know & love,


Massive thanks to all the artists for their lovely nourishing sounds, & continual inspiration


1. Squazoid vs Terra Nine - Karuna

2. Sysyphe - The End of this Land

3. Labs Cloud - A New Day Begins

4. Reasandu - Moon Cloud (feat. Suduyua)

5. N.A.S.A. - Embers

6. Galaxy Drop - Transfer

7. Zymosis - Path of Nocturnal

8. Sudial Aeon - The Universe

9. AstroPilot - Voda (Organic remix)

10. Moon Frog - Blue Dreams




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