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Dark Nebula - Dreamfuel


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Artist: Dark Nebula

Title: Dreamfuel

Label: Digital Psionics

Date: March, 2006


1. Unwanted Emotion

2. Mary Poppin Pills

3. My Domain

4. Dances With Werewolves (feat. Scatterbrain)

5. Our Priority

6. Kraftworld

7. No Religion

8. Pheromone 415

9. Clinically Insane (feat. Fractal Glider)

10. Round & Round (Live Mix) (feat. Kluster)



"Your prescription for unwanted emotions!"


Ok, let's see....I'm feeling, how am I feeling... *looks to sky for answer* like I no longer want this CD.


"I let my guitar speak for me!"


Oooh...that's unfortunate because your guitar annoys me. As a matter of fact your leads which sound like guitars annoy me.


"There's nothing left for you but a slow death as your lungs fill with toxic gasses!"


Seriously? I'm only up to the third track. Your marketing skills leave a lot to be desired. And I liked this track with its heavy acid bent. That is until the cheering crowd showed up.


"Your safety is our number one priority."


That's funny because I thought it was to make fast bass lines. Throw in some samples and acid here and there and you have a Dark Nebula Album. There are moments where I like it, but more where it just drags on uninterestingly.


"My music is a pillar on which whole worlds have been built."


Now that is just cocky. But I like the creepy sample. Surprise surprise another fast bass line and sample. This one had a little more groove, but it's missing something. Electric Universe and Space Tribe do the same things, but I suppose they do it better. Can't quite put my finger on it. It just misses the mark. Well, that and the "singing" on No Religion. Not fantastic.


"You can't run from your past....you'll end up running in circles."


Need I say more?


I've got it. The melodies aren't as competent and easy to grab hold of, but I also think he tries to be psychedelic for psychedelic's sake. Instead of making a bomb track it just feels like a bunch of unfinished phrases run together. A lot of sounds and weirdness thrown in one pot and then just shoved in the neighbors faces. With the cover I wanted it to be a night time tour de force, but wishing for it doesn't make it so. It's not bad, but I judge music on how much I would like to hear it again.


I don't need to hear this again.

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I like this album. It's not up there with the masterpiece that was The 8th Sphere but it has some great feel-good headbangers on it. Also the cover is one of my favourites, here's a better image:



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