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Arronax - Crossing The Rubicon (Remastered) NEOGCD02


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Soon we will release 2nd Neogoa CD and this time it is 'Crossing The Rubicon' album by Arronax.

- The CD will feature new and improved mastering
- New 'bonus' track 'The Unknown Helions Guard'
- New and improved mix for 'The Beginning Of Our Journey', 'Reaching Exosphere' and 'Crawler's Pathway'
- Alternative artwork version

Samples can be found here (new track is at the end of preview):



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Hahah thanks a lot, also I love how you emphasize that X in my nickname... a good old relic back from when I created my account in 2004 :-)

Well it sure puts your name into "M"onolithi"C" shape like a monument for what is behind IT. :)

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