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Hello all,


Story Begins**

"Thanks to the rain, Thanks to the low tyre pressure, Thanks to the dog that ran into the road. I ended up crashing my bike. And special thanks to me quitting job for studies, I am forced to sell few CD's to get my bike fixed. "

Story Ends**

If only I had that damned Dj Spy CD :P I would sell it a jiffy.


Anyway, here's the list:


All the following CD's are Mint or Near Mint.


Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy

Koxbox - Dragon Tales & Forever After

Flying Scorpions - Lipoptena Cervi

Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences


Mystery Of Yeti/The Infinity Project - Mystery Of Yeti, Mystical Experience - close to Mint!!


MFG - New Kind Of World

Rock Bitch Mafia - Played just once!! Like New

S.U.N Project - Drosophila

Sandman -Witchcraft

Shpongle - Nothing lasts.. Nothing is Lost.

Oforia pack: Tandu - Multimoods.(NM) -- Delirious - NM. Piggies - Sealed. (Pigs in Space)

Toires - Oued Sanäti - Dakini Records - like new!!

X- Dream pack : We Created our own Happiness - Tunnel records (NM), Irritant (NM) , Radio (VG)

Ubar Tmar - Ubarpedia - New! Unplayed, unsealed ++ Obi

Zirrex - Lost in Time -(3XCDr) Promo - this is VG - VG+


Few compilations:

VA - Retrodelica : Back from Future

VA - Ganesha Propoganda

VA - Oxycanta - 1 - 2006

Nova - Albedo - Played Once!! Resealed.

VA - red, white, blue. - TIP records

VA - Black Rhino - NM - looks great!

VA - Strong Sun Moon

VA - history Of Goa Trance


Following are Sealed


VA - Locomotion

VA - Voyager : First Plateau

VA - Voyager : Second Plateau

Zirrex - Ritual Dance

Zirrex - Lost In Time (3XCD) normal version

Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch (Avatar Re-issue)

Toi Doi - Technologic (Avatar)

Libra - Phoenix

Deviant electronics - Green Room

Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries .....

Filteria - Daze, Sky Input.

E-Mantra - Nemesis

Mizoo - Greenosophy

Solar Fields - Movements



Some Special one's

(Ashamed to put these for sale!)

1.Hallucinogen - Lone Deranger -- Disc - NM,

Cover - Signed by "Simon Posford" He has written "Stay Shpongled" on it.

2.Prana - Geomantik

Prana - Cyclone

Both Prana discs - NM

Both are signed by "Tsuyoshi Suzuki" on the cover.

3.K.U.R.O - Vision Of Mars - NM

Note: this one is going to be a bit costly.

I also have most of the classics from Ultimae Records.

Aes Dana, Asura -- All first versions. CBL(make a good offer and i'll think about it) Sorry no Solar Fields and H.U.V.A Network CD's

Prices: Do leave me a message with a decent offer considering rarity and CD condition. We can work something out.

Payment: Paypal

Shipping: Registered Post (++Tracking)


Thanks for looking.

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Complete catalogue of Tokyo Tekno Tribe is available. Only CD's (VG+ ~ NM)


K.U.R.O - Revolution - NM + obi

K.U.R.O - Vision of Mars - NM

VA - Tokyo Tekno Tribe (TTT CD 001.5) - NM

VA - Tokyo Tekno Tribe 2 - The Sound Catalyst of Next Dimension. - VG+ Close to NM

Ask for pictures.




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Few prices:


Zirrex - 3CD-R promo (rare version) 35Euros + free normal 3XCD version.

Ubar tmar - 40E

Complete catalogue of Hado records listed above, shipped 50!!

Mystery of Yeti/mystical experiences -35!! Like New.

Nova - Albedo opened played once. Resealed. MINT! -35

Oxycanta - 2006 - very safely kept. NM - 30

Saafi Bro's - Mystic Ciggarettes - beautiful one - 30

Mystical Experiences - 9

Ra - To Sirius - Novatekk - 30?? Make offer. Listed for 80 - 90 on Discogs!

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