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Timwarp Goa Chronicles The Mush Effect vs Morphic Resonance


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I want to present you the my new mix, fueled with Timewarp Records goodies aswell with guest mix from my friend Cristian Fernandez (Morphic Resonance), hope you will like it as much i like it, tracklist is below. Enjoy!!


The Mush Effect (Timewarp Records/Connection Festival Crew)






The Mush Effect Dj Set:


01-Anumana- Cataclysm

02-Ion Vader & Root- Ajjna

03-Anumana- Sound from Space

04- Omneon-Psytrance

05- Omneon-Sirius

06- Kurandini-Kalindinan

07- Arronax & Weedran- Acid Sunshine

08- 01-N- Teonanacatl

09- Omnivox-Behind the Wheel


Morphic Resonance Live Set


01-Morphic Resonance- Altered Perception

02-Morphic Resonance- Neutrino

03-Morphic Resonance- Epsilon Aurigae

04-Etnica-Phthalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Remix)

05-Morphic Resonance- Bad Trip

06-Morphic Resonance- In the mouth of madness

07-Morphic Resonance- Moonwalker

08-Morphic Resonance- Tachyon

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