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mac vs pc .... ipad vs the others... which way to go? please help

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i have been a mac user for a while now

my girlfriend is thinking of buying the latest mac (she been pc whole time)


they are expensive!

does the money justify the product?


you have the new solid state drives in pc's now, while more expensive, still less than macs


if you could help us with pro's and cons would be great..


ipad's to, i would be keen on one, but they way more expensive than the others


what you think?


thanks in advance

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Hi. It really depends on your requirements.

PC with Windows on a solid state drive (this makes the all the difference) with anti virus will do for most tasks and Microsoft is now making great strides.


You can also run linux on a old PC and it will run fast.


I have a Microsoft Lumia mobile which is cheap and works really well for my needs.


Mac if you like the asthetic look, cute OS, less virus issues, and you are using Mac specific software e.g. Logic.

But you pay dearly.


Ipad ? In short YES.

The apps are what makes the Ipad such good value.

e.g. play with propellorheads Figure its awesome, and there is many great apps games

The Ipad also will last you a couple of years if looked after...

You must decide if you want to wait and buy the new model or get the old model at a discount when new is out


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What does she plan to use it for?


I've been a Windows user for the past couple of decades, but I have serious concerns about Windows 10. It's been getting great reviews from the normies in the mainstream media but a lot of neckbeards on /g/ have been complaining about it, apparently it sends tons of personal information to Microsoft and it's either difficult or impossible to stop it from doing so. On the other hand I was talking with a huge Apple fangirl last night and she was saying she doesn't like recent Macs.


So right now Linux is looking most appealing to me (I mostly use Linux Mint on my desktop and love it), but it seriously limits what software you can use - if she wants to use it for gaming or graphic design or something then Linux will probably be useless.

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she going to use it for our new business (should of said earlier)


we don't play games or anything like that.. all personal and business


thanks for replys so far, i to have heard about windows 10


checked out the mac retina and it's awsome... so far

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I've never purchased an Apple product since I couldn't justify paying so much more for something that did the same, but looked a little better. I always figured that the cost of Apple products was down to the marketing... you pay more, but in addition to the tech gadget you also get a fashionable brand (sort of like Beats by Dre). I'm using a first generation Nexus 7 tablet for almost 3 years now without any issues. Although I don't have many apps on it, I primarily use it for reading ebooks.


I installed Ubuntu last year just to see what all this Linux fuss is about... and I haven't used Windows since. I have switched to Manjaro now, and I'm quite surprised by how usable Linux is, here's my quick take on it:

  • For personal and business use like email, web browsing, Office applications, etc. Linux does it all and very fast. Extra points for not requiring any drivers and USB connections work instantly. Plus all software is free
  • Graphic design with GIMP and Inkscape is on par with Photoshop and Illustrator. Many professional graphic and 3d designers work under Linux exclusively, so I don't see why others couldn't.
  • Gaming: the number of native games available is growing. For everything else you can run Windows games through Wine... but I don't like doing this personally. Driver support is also superior on Windows
  • Music production: lots of options like LMMS, Ardour, Rewire and Bitwig (made by guys from Ableton). The only limitation here might be the VSTs, but you can still run most of them with a little work through Wine.

If just starting out with Linux, I would recommend giving Ubuntu a try. It works great out of the box, BUT there is a learning curve to getting the most out of it. If you're used to working with Win/Mac, Linux will take some time getting used to and most of the learning revolves around using the terminal.

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