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Psychedelic Experience 2015 DJ Bioport


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hey this is the first part from a 3 hour set.

the live set was build at the PsyExp. festival in germany

it came from the chill area and gives a beat full chill style.

Please hear and give a feedback and when you like also your heart :-)


DJ bioport is more than 20 years a psy dj and the last years he fallen in love to psy chill


hope you enjoy that stuff... PEACE !




track list will follow !!

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used track´s


1 Green Beats - Sciense Fiction f. Hypnoxock


2 Liquid Soul – Limetless


3 Cabeiri - the 5th Element


4 Meander - How Could Know


5 Flucturion 20 -Anytime Fade Secrets


6 Alwoods - Near Lights


7 Cj catalizer - 2012


8 kliment - Forest of wishes


9 Alwoods - Kerkini Lake


10 Seamoon - Spiralized

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