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Blair Thaumic

Thaumic Records wants YOU!

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Thaumaturgy. If you've ever played D&D or read a Terry Pratchett novel or watched a certain cartoon with surprising popularity among twentysomething males, you know the word. You might regret knowing it, but you do. And yeah, it's basically a spookier way of saying 'magic.'


Magic is associated with ritual. Dancing to psy trance has been called a ritual, and whether or not you subscribe to that line of thinking, it can't be denied that with the right music in the right kind of space, something like a magical experience can happen.


Thaumic. Possessing some quality of magic. As in, psy/Goa trance, at least when it doesn't suck.


At Thaumic Records, we aim to not suck.


Our 1st album, 'Island of Misfit Grooves', is being compiled now. It'll be in the eclectic spirit of compilations from the late nineties, back when multiple different styles were featured under the umbrella of psychedelic trance. Music that doesn't quite fit in a box, and that takes you somewhere you weren't expecting it to.


We still need a few more magicians in our roster; if you want to play with us, send a demo-track! http://thaumaticdisco.org


* Any style is allowed, as long as it's not too fast or aggressive. This is more of an 'evening trance' compilation, meant to be groovy, not killarrrgh. ;)




Worst. Merlin. Ever. That was a kids movie?


* Tracks should be submitted no later than November 15th.


* To accommodate a low budget and hopefully do some good, the album will be a benefit release, with all proceeds (after mastering) going to the vegan food charity A Well Fed World. http://awfw.org/


* All tracks remain the property of their respective artists and will not be resold, licensed to a third party, or used for any other purpose (barring promotional clips for the album) by Thaumic Records.


That's all I can think of right now. Oh, and I actually do have magic in my bloodline. :) Close-up card magic.


Hey, it could be worse.





Might want to get that checked out.

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