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"V/A - Fractal Resonance"


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Artist: Various

Title: Fractal Resonance

Label: Fractal Records

Date: June, 2014


1. Braindriver & Disco Volante - Disco Driver

2. Deliriant feat. Z3ro - Back Again

3. Shuumat & Orca - That's Freedom

4. Rubix Qube - Heizenberg

5. Iliuchina - My Dangerous Drug

6. X-Side - Cyborg Feelings

7. Earworm & Audialize - Mirage of Life

8. Tickets & Sound Control - Epic Universe





So let's see...we've had 4 Fractal Energies, a Fractal Effect, a Fractal Syndrome, and now here we are with a Resonance. I assume that Fractal Uterus will be out in the near future? C'mon Fractal Records, you're like Puffy trying to be in all the videos.


This is a digital compilation that has nine night time tracks that you can get from Beatport if you like your psytrance without the commercial cheese that's going around like the clap. I can recommend this. Mostly.


The first track is rather linear and doesn't go anywhere. I really think Mr. Volante has thrown his hands up in a grand f*ck it gesture cause he sure doesn't seem to be trying any longer. I was all set to give the fine folks at Fractal Records the old eye roll at the beginning of Back Again, but there were some very cool breaks in there. The acid insanity also made it quite the belter. That's Freedom and its overtired brand of full-on shackled me with ambivalence, but leave it to the Qube to break those chains. And break them he did as he got all nine inch nailsy with the screaming synth. He builds the tension up and then takes it away a couple of times.


Iliuchina's track is fine, but now we're getting to the mental stuff. Cyborg Feelings is a dark, brooding monster that's nice and liberal with the acid. The last two keep it dark and acidic with thumping bass lines. While not perfect this digital release is a solid purchase for those on the hunt for the darker, melodic side of night time music.


Can't stop. Won't stop.



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