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Yahel - Time Travel

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Yahel - Time Travel

Global Army Music




1 - Scooter - Rhapsody In E (Yahel Remix)
2 – Yahel - Traveling In Time
3 - Yahel - Last man in the universe (PerfecTone Remix)
4 – Yahel – Spirulina (Tronsho Remix)
5 – Yahel - I.M Legend
6 - Yahel feat. DreaMelodiC - So What Happens Now
7 – Yahel - Soul (Ranji & Replay Remix)
8 – Yahel - SapRo



Heyyy Yahel is back!! Well, he never really left but his newer stuff didn't really have much to do with psytrance anymore. This time around, like it seems to be following the trend these days and made a "back to the roots" album which I think will get people who where in the scene 15 years ago (like myself) very interested.

Sadly, with most "back to our roots" style albums, artists either choose to do crappy full-on remixes of their tracks... or to do crappy neogoa remixes of their tracks, either way you end up thinking that the originals were so much better. Well, Yahel chose a different route, it's more on the progresive side of things, although I definately wouldn't label it as typical progressive, there are some nice airy tunes in there.


First of all, yes, that is not a typo or some name coincidence, we are talking about "How much is the fish" Scooter but don't run away, let me tell you that the original Rhapsody in E was made at a time when germans were the masters of hard trance and Scooter started off with that sound before moving on to more commercial stuff. And believe it or not it I find it to be the best track here! That is actually the best intro I've listened to all year!


Another track that probably caught your attention is Last man in the universe aaaaah it's been such a long time since I've listened to the original, I actually consider it to be in my top 20 goa tracks of all time. So how does the remix sound? Well... an interesting effort to bring it back to modern tastes, I DO like it, although I still find the original better. Still, if someone plays this during a festival you can be sure I'll be dancing my ass off on it ;)



The other gem here is the remix of Soul OMG that oriental female voice in the intro gave me goosebumps :) A bit of the shame they started throwing all the typical prgoressive elements at the track like the triplets starting at minute 5:00. Still, as far as progressive goes this is one of the best tracks out there IMO.


Special mention for So What Happens Now, with an interesting progression that reminds me of twilight but in a progressive way, I must say it is the most original track here.



Like most "remember-how-good-I-used-to-be" albums, I can't say that this will win any rewards since it mainly makes you want to reach out for the originals and give them another listen. Still, it did make me smile and there are some very good moments in there. Although definately not the album of the year IMO, still a good above-average 4/5 from me :) Faves 1(!!), 3(!), 6, 7(!!)

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Nice review, will def check this out.


I find it objectionable, though, when a producer releases an artist album and passes off someone else's remix in the track listing. It's no longer a Yahel track, for instance, it's a Perfec Tone or Tronsho track.


Still, vintage Yahel is pretty decent and I'm looking forward to hearing this one.

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