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VA Himavat Dana (Nepal Benefit) Sangoma Records

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Himavat Dana

Artist: Various

Name: Himavat Dana

Released: June 2015

Catalogue no: SAN**

Label: Sangoma Records

Genre: Psychedelic

Format: Digital Artwork: Aashit Singh (THEARE.co.in)

Mastering: by Upavas @ InZen Mastering

Except Track 4 mastered by Alex Parasense @ Timeless Studio Moscow

Track 9 mastered by Scorb @TRK Mastering

Track 22 mastered by Coin Bennun @ The Stooodio


Bandcamp: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/himavat-d-na-nepal-benefit-compilation

RE:VOLT: http://revoltdigital.co.uk/


1. Man Made Man Process complete 140

2. Ingrained Instinct Superb Device 144

3. Braincell Crazy Atoms 2 145

4. Nektar & PoEt Plan B 146

5. Once Upon a Time The Theory of Big Bang (2015 revision) 147

6. Chris Rich Oddball 147

7. Kabayun Time Tides 148

8. Dsompa Last Hippie Standing 149

9. Yab Yum Earthquake 150

10. Synthetik Chaos The New Generation 150

11. Diksha Save Nepal 149

12. Babagoon Frogger 148

13. Fungus Funk & Sorrowmurk Brain Gain 148

14. Cosinus Ultimate Awareness 148

15. Upavas Smakkelig 148

16. Virtual Light Bushwacked 148

17. Hookers Space Trouble 147

18. Para Halu Forest Jump 147

19. Lucid Mantra Chemical Transmission 147

20. Primordial Ooze Lost Wilderness 145

21. Frosty Fennic Gudrun 145

22. Outer World Elements feat. OOOD Hurry Up And Wait 141



We at Sangoma Records have gathered some of our labels artists and friends to show our solidarity with the people of Nepal and other parts of the Himalaya region who are in need of help after the series of natural disasters it had to face recently. Now the earth is still trembling with aftershocks and in the next weeks monsoon will bring heavy rainfalls and landslides which means the tragedy is far from over.

Himavan stands for the personification of the Himalaya as a living entity and dana is the philosophic principle of giving aid to the needy not only as a spiritual concept but also for humanity by cultivating generosity.

Some of us witnessed the April earthquake and we want to use our available resources and tools to raise some money for projects, which offer un-bureaucratic and direct help and action. Our aim is not to guild trip anyone but to share our experiences and love for this stunning place that inspired and welcomed many of us since the 1960s. More information you will find in the booklet attached to this release.

Sangoma Records would like to thank everybody who contributed and supported this release and those who stand with Nepal in times like this.


Get this release here:

Bandcamp: https://timecode.bandcamp.com/album/himavat-d-na-nepal-benefit-compilation

RE:VOLT: http://revoltdigital.co.uk/

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